Bright aluminium pipes which have been hit, folded and welded into crumpled varieties make up this furnishings assortment by South Korean designer Yeon Jinyeong.

The Aluminum Anodized assortment contains a collection of crooked chairs and stools constructed from aluminium pipes which have been anodised – an electrochemical course of that grants their surfaces a shiny, barely iridescent, anodic oxide end.

For the gathering Jinyeong wished to discover the “contradictory beauty” of issues which have been abused. He used his seating to indicate how the objects may serve their objective even once they look in poor situation.

The Seoul-based designer tapped, folded, hit, welded and “abused” the aluminium pipes earlier than sanding and anodising them to present every bit a vibrant end.

Yeon Jinyeong aims to express

“We easily abuse man and things,” stated Jinyeong. “I wanted to depict an image of ourselves when we undergo criticism and abuse, but in the form of anodised aluminium.”

“Aluminium pipes can be easily modified by sadistic practices and the changed shape cannot be put back,” he continued.

Yeon Jinyeong aims to express

The designer select to make use of anodised the furnishings to convey the concept that folks can attempt to look “ostentatious” on the surface, however might not be in a position conceal their ache.

“I am interested in things that are inferior, weak and uninterested,” stated Jinyeong. “What’s been discarded and wasted can become good materials.”

“My style of work is to create furniture using a variety of materials – as a result, everything that is not respected can have its beauty,” he continued.

Despite trying broken, the chairs are capable of carry out their common perform.

“You can sit down and use it, but it’s never comfortable”, Jinyeong advised Dezeen. “In this way, I think the story about my contradictory beauty is complete.”

Yeon Jinyeong aims to express

Other designers exploring the probabilities of aluminium tubing embrace Belgian duo Fien Muller and Hannes Van Severen, who created their Alltubes assortment by lining up metallic pipes in welded rows.

Surprised by the fabric’s “beautiful wavy surface” and the way in which that mild reacted to it, the pair used it to create a chair, a bench and quite a lot of cupboards.