Xiao is the latest 5-star character to hitch Genshin Impact‘s roster as part of the “All That Glitters”/1.3 update. His banner, “Invitation to Mundane Life,” lasts from today until February 17. Here’s our guide that will help you with Xiao’s weapons, artifacts, and talents.

Note: Please be reminded that this guide is at present a piece in progress since Xiao’s pretty new. I’ll proceed updating the article after doing extra checks. For extra details about the sport, try our Genshin Impact guides and options hub.


Genshin Impact guide: Xiao’s weapons, artifacts, and talents

Xiao’s weapon: Primordial Jade Winged-Spear

Although the Primordial Jade Winged-Spear is featured within the “Epitome Invocation” want, it’s nonetheless a 5-star weapon. That means RNG (and any fates/money you need to spend) will closely have an effect on whether or not you get it or not.

Anyway, I take into account this the best-in-slot weapon for Xiao as a consequence of its crit fee stat and inherent impact (ATK enhance with a most of seven stacks, and an general DMG enhance after you have the max stacks). Given that Xiao will typically use his plunging assaults after popping his ult/burst (extra on this later), it’s best to have a straightforward time conserving this impact energetic.

Other recommendations:

  • Deathmatch (from the Gnostic Hymn Battle Pass) – It has crit fee as a stat. The ATK (and DEF) boosts are pretty respectable, and it’s best to have constant uptime as a consequence of enemies.
  • Blackcliff Pole (from Paimon’s Shop) – It has crit injury as a stat. You achieve stacks after defeating enemies which could be very helpful when combating a number of mobs.
  • Royal Spear (from Paimon’s Shop) – Although it has ATK% as a stat, you get stacks of crit fee if you injury an enemy. Getting a vital hit clears all stacks. This may be viable particularly if you’re spamming plunging assaults whereas Xiao’s ult is energetic.
  • Prototype Starglitter, Crescent Pike, and Dragonspine Spear (from the blacksmith, though the Dragonspine Spear’s recipe comes from a quest) – Not counting the starglitter foreign money, these are your 4-star, free-to-play choices.

Xiao’s artifacts: 2-piece Gladiator’s Finale and 2-piece Viridescent Venerer

The Gladiator set comes from Spiral Abyss chest rewards and boss kills, together with the brand new Primo Geovishap struggle. Meanwhile, the Viridescent Venerer set is from the Valley of Remembrance area. The former provides +18% ATK and the latter offers +15% Anemo injury bonus.

For particular person artifact stats and sub-stats, listed here are some suggestions:

  • Xiao’s common assaults deal bodily injury. However, his ability and burst convert this into Anemo injury.
  • Try to hit roughly 50% crit fee. Xiao’s ascension already provides crit fee. Likewise, the Primordial Jade Winged-Spear and Deathmatch enable you to attain this threshold.
  • If you have already got 50% crit fee, then begin stacking crit injury (out of your helmet/circlet) and ATK% (from the hourglass). These sub-stats from different artifacts are additionally good to have.

Note: I’ve tried utilizing the 4-piece Gladiator set and 2-piece Viridescent plus 2-piece Noblesse Oblige, however my injury output was decrease. I’ve additionally but to check the Bloodstained Chivalry set (for Xiao’s bodily injury), however my set’s stats are horrible.

Gen Pct Xochr Gd 2

Xiao’s talents: Bane of All Evil -> Lemniscatic Wind Cycling /Whirlwind Thrust

Xiao makes use of Prosperity books and slime elements to level-up his talents. Anyway, his burst/ult, “Bane of All Evil,” is your go-to potential as soon as it’s out there. It converts all of Xiao’s injury into Anemo whereas growing his assault’s DPS and AoE.

Sadly, his elemental ability, “Lemniscatic Wind Cycling,” isn’t as highly effective. You’re doubtless to make use of it simply to realize elemental orbs (every profitable sprint assault generates three particles).

Note: If you’re utilizing Xiao’s elemental ability to cost his ult, my suggestion could be to solid it at intervals. If each expertise hit a goal, you’ll achieve a number of particles. However, the sprint assault is so quick that you may additionally find yourself lacking in case you solid two makes an attempt in fast succession.

Gen Pct Xochr Gd 3

Anyway, don’t let the tooltip of Xiao’s burst idiot you. It may say that the consequences finish as soon as Xiao leaves the sector, nevertheless it usually lasts for roughly 14 seconds. Likewise, Xiao loses a little bit of HP whereas the impact is energetic. However, leveling the expertise lowers the share of HP that’s misplaced, together with will increase to your regular, charging, and plunging assaults.

One last item about his burst is that, apparently, utilizing his elemental ability whereas it’s energetic received’t generate particles. This means you’d be again right down to zero after your DPS routine. I’m unsure if it is a bug or if it’s working as supposed.

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Character ascension supplies

  • Slime secretions – Dropped by slimes.
  • Vayuda Turquoise – Dropped by the Anemo Hypostasis elite; bought from Souvenir Shop; higher-tier variations might be crafted by an alchemist NPC.
  • Juvenile Jade – Dropped by the Primo Geovishap elite.
  • Qingxin – This one is discovered on hilltops and mountains in Genshin Impact‘s areas. You can watch the video beneath from YouTuber KingSef Games:

A phrase on ascending Xiao’s stage

In my opinion, miHoYo already made a mistake in how Xiao’s ascension is dealt with. First off, you want Vayuda Turquoise from the Anemo Hypostasis (which has existed since Genshin Impact launched). The downside is that the Juvenile Jade solely drops from the Primo Geovishap elite which, coincidentally, requires 40 authentic resin too.

Since the Primo Geovishap was solely added immediately as a part of the 1.3 replace, you’re going to need to farm for it repeatedly. Even extra irritating is the truth that the Primo Geovishap drops varied gem stones, nevertheless it doesn’t drop Vayuda Turquoise. Imagine a state of affairs the place it’s essential to farm ascension mats from two elites, and you’ll notice how annoying that’s. Although it’s attainable to make use of the alchemy bench’s new conversion operate, it’d nonetheless require gem stones of one other kind in addition to Dust of Azoth.

Note 1: Xiao requires 46 Juvenile Jade (amongst different issues) to achieve stage 90. If that’s an excessive amount of, you then’ll want 26 Juvenile Jade to be viable at stage 80.

Note 2: It’s rumored {that a} future character, Hu Tao, will even use Juvenile Jade as an ascension materials.

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Genshin Impact: Xiao abstract

Xiao is usually a viable primary DPS in your squad, nevertheless it’s nonetheless too early to inform. His burst is ridiculously lethal, nevertheless it’s going to take a variety of effort for him to achieve his full potential.

It’s additionally value mentioning that, as an Anemo primary DPS character, Xiao can’t proc elemental combos corresponding to Melt or Vaporize. Plus, you’re certain to have points within the Spiral Abyss when Xiao’s combating since he can’t break shields. When you have already got comps with Keqing, Diluc, Klee, Tartaglia, and Ganyu carrying the day, it’s arduous to discover a area of interest for Xiao’s experience. Oh, and so as to add insult to harm, Xiao’s elemental ability doesn’t even generate particles whereas his ult is energetic, utterly shafting his burst recharge.

If you actually need to select Xiao, you possibly can pair him with a shield-generator like Zhongli or Albedo since he’ll be out on the sector typically. Likewise, attempt to pop a healer’s potential earlier than Xiao makes use of his ult. Healing fields from Bennett, Diona, and Jean, in addition to the skills of Barbara and Qiqi are integral. Since Xiao’s burst or “14 seconds of fame” ends if you swap him out, he’ll must get topped up in case he takes a number of hits.

Lastly, assuming miHoYo actually doesn’t need to let Xiao recharge his burst whereas it’s ongoing, you then’ll want an “Anemo Battery” character. Someone like Sucrose or Venti can use their skills. Then, simply rapidly change again to Xiao so he can collect the particles.

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