If your to-go mug leaves a strange, plastic flavor, you’ll want to check out this product. The Acera Harmony Collection advanced travel mugs have a ceramic liner that actually improves the taste of your drink. Keep reading to find out more about this perfected beverage mug.

Finding the perfect travel mug isn’t easy. The stainless steel varieties can give your drink a metallic taste, while the BPA-free plastic ones leave a plastic flavor. And the glass options are, well, breakable. What’s a busy coffee- or tea-lover to do? Acera has the answer for you with their Acera Harmony Collection advanced travel mug. This perfected travel mug features a beautiful yet sleek design and has a ceramic liner that actually enhances your drink’s flavor.

One thing’s for sure about the Acera Harmony Collection, the mugs in this series look good. The dual-layer outer shell is made of SUS304 stainless steel and covered with a stunning honeycombed pattern. But this tactile element isn’t just for beauty’s sake; it also gives you a more secure grip, making the mug less likely to slip from your fingers if you’re in a hurry. This perfected mug also comes in colors like Pine Green, Sakura Pink, Silver, and Classic Gold, so it’ll be sure to match your style.

Acera Harmony Collection Advanced Travel Mugs with a Bottle

This advanced travel mug has a ceramic core

So you’re probably wondering how this coffee mug can actually make your drinks taste better. The secret lies in Harmony’s patented ceramic core. It’s comprised of Tourmaline crystals, a precious mineral with charged negative ions. It improves a beverage’s flavor and purity, and aids absorption in your body. And unlike a stainless steel mug that leaves a harsh metallic taste on your tea, the crystals in the lining of this mug purify your beverage and enhance its flavor. Who wouldn’t want a gadget that improves the taste?

Acera Harmony Collection Advanced Travel Mugs

Acera Harmony Collection Advanced Travel Mugs in Use

This unique coffee mug is the future of kitchen gadgets

In addition to its ceramic core, Harmony boasts other innovative design elements. Both the inner lid and tumbler rim feature TM, a new generation of copolyester that’s both durable and BPA-free. This makes it ideal for use in kitchens and homes. Harmony also boasts a robust gasket. The lid gasket and bottom coaster are made of silica gel and have a temperature resistance of -40ºF to 302ºF.

Acera Harmony Collection Advanced Travel Mugs

Acera Harmony Collection Advanced Travel Mugs in a Bag

Harmony keeps drinks hot or cold

Harmony keeps your drinks either hot or cold thanks to its triple-wall construction, which gives it a respectable temperature control. According to the company’s website, when filled with a 212ºF beverage, the drink remains above 104ºF in a 64.4ºF room after six hours. In the same temperature room, a beverage that is 32ºF stays below 53.6ºF after six hours. As you can see, this perfected mug can keep your drinks warm or cold for up to six hours, which is more than half of your workday. Now that’s a work desk accessory I want in my life.

Acera Harmony Collection Advanced Travel Mugs

Acera Harmony Collection Advanced Travel Mugs with a Pitcher of Tea

This collection gives you a choice of lids

Even the lids are beautiful. And there’s also an option for one with Swarovski crystals surrounded by gilded trim. You want all of your accessories to add to your style. This one does, right down to its lid.

Acera Harmony Collection Advanced Travel Mugs

Acera Harmony Collection Advanced Travel Mugs Outdoors

This cool to-go mug is super stylish

I mentioned the design elements at the beginning, but I’ll touch on them again. This perfected travel mug is one you’ll be proud to own. Its exterior features two layers of quality, durable stainless steel, and the honeycombed pattern is functional as well as beautiful. We’re more likely to use items that we find aesthetically pleasing. And when you have Harmony, you won’t want to use another to-go mug. It’s a beverage container that’s sure to turn heads and spark conversations.

A flavor-enhancing mug that’s good for your health

With the help of the Tourmaline crystals in the ceramic core, this mug is actually good for your health. That’s because the crystals improve the purity and absorption of your beverage. This means that while you’re drinking, impurities from your drink are removed, and you’ll take in any nutrients from your drink more easily.

The Acera Harmony Collection advanced travel mugs are ideal for on the go. They look great, are easy to hold, and improve the taste of beverages. So often, plastic and metallic to-go mugs leave a weird taste on drinks, and sometimes you have to wonder if that’s even healthy. This perfected travel mug doesn’t do that. Its ceramic core is lined with purifying crystals that keep your coffee, tea, or juice tasting just the way it should. It’s a great product for people who are always on the go or are particular about how their drinks taste.

The Acera Harmony Collection advanced travel mugs cost $79, and you can get one on the official website.

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