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ClickBank has acted as a library of Affiliate Digital products for so long that it is now regarded as an authority in the field of Affiliate Marketing; Email Marketing and Digital Marketing.
In fact, anything you cannot get under their roof is not worth mentioning in Affiliate Marketing circles. Be that as it may, not every affiliate marketer that registers with Clickbank is guaranteed success and that’s not because of their stringent system. Not at all. It is because people fail to understand and observe the simple rules that govern Affiliate Marketing.
Clickbank has built up a well-tested operational and tracking system over a period of time that no-one can dare cry “scam”. That means as long as one sticks to the rules there will be no cause for complaints.
With all that being said, the reality is that a great number of people who try their luck at ClickBank get their hopes dashed without having made a dollar, which is a cause for great concern because ClickBank is not a gambling establishment where losses are an expected and normal eventuality.
So it has been established that people will come in with wrong information and perceptions and will discover in mid-stream that things are not as they thought.
And the sad part is that most of these people never come back as they probably will tell themselves that they are not cut out for Affiliate Marketing.
Nothing can be further from the truth as you will discover in the following video and be blessed.