We’ve just lately seen many feedback on social media the place customers are complicated search engines and web browsers. We thought it could be a very good alternative to assist educate customers about the precise variations between search engines and web browsers.

I’ve seen many feedback referencing DuckDuckGo the place the subject at hand was about switching web browsers. Search engines like DuckDuckGo are definitely alternate options to go looking engines like Google and Bing, however they are not web browsers.

For instance, Google has a web browser and a search engine, Chrome and Google Search. Just since you’re utilizing DuckDuckGo on Chrome doesn’t imply you’ve eradicated Google from the equation. If your purpose is to take away Google out of your search and web historical past, then you definitely’ll have to make use of DuckDuckGo on a unique web browser, like Brave or Firefox.

Here are the key variations

Search Engines

Let me simply “Google” that.

There are many search engines out there, together with Google, DuckDuckGo, StartPage, Bing, and extra. Search engines are compromised of three completely different features:

  • The search algorithm: The algorithm is the code below the search engine that indexes web sites and webpages and matches them to the key phrases you enter into the search engine. If you enter “how to cook lasagna,” the search engine will look by way of the index to search out these key phrases and hopefully provide you with outcomes that match.
  • The crawler: Crawlers are bots (consider a colony of ants) that scour web sites on the web and deliver again their knowledge so as to add to the index. Websites, like ours, use key phrases to draw the crawlers to be added to the index so that you can discover us.
  • The index: As we have already got seen, the index is the library that the crawler and algorithm are compiling. The index is made up of URLs that are served to you in a visible kind. When you looked for “how to cook lasagna,” your outcomes will present the headlines from webpages that must be related to easy methods to prepare dinner lasagna.
Search engines and web browsers are not the same: Here's the difference
Search all the issues!

Web Browsers

Web browsers are software program functions that you simply set up in your pc to retrieve data from web websites or web servers. Some of the earliest web browsers included Netscape and Internet Explorer. These have given solution to the likes of Chrome, Edge (based mostly on Chromium), and Firefox.

Without web browsers, search engines would not work. You want one thing like Chrome, Firefox, Brave, Vivaldi, or Edge with a purpose to use a search engine to search out web pages. The 4 attributes of a web browser are:

  1. Browsers use a graphical interface with which you work together with. Without the GUI, you’d not be capable of see web pages.
  2. Browsers interpret webpages HTML code and formatting to current you with a static or dynamic outcome. Websites are made up of HTML and JavaScript, which browsers then flip into visible parts.
  3. Browsers talk with web service suppliers utilizing TCP/IP and HTTP/HTTPS protocols.
  4. Browsers use an handle/search bar the place you may immediately entry a web web page if you recognize the URL or seek for it for those who don’t.

This was a short clarification of the variations between a web browser and a search engine. Hopefully, this was useful for these of you who’ve been confused by the topic. The finest method to consider that is, you may’t use a search engine with out a web browser. Here’s one other good useful resource on the topic.

And for those who assume switching from Google Search to DuckDuckGo whereas nonetheless utilizing Chrome is retaining Google’s eye away from you, it’s not. You’ll want to modify away from Chrome to maximise your distance from Google. Check out our Google Chrome alternate options right here. And tell us what you assume on our MeWe web page by becoming a member of the MeWe social community.