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Sometimes, online game music transcends its unique objective as a soundtrack. A fast look on the numbers on any music streaming service is testomony that sure scores hang-out gamers lengthy after they’ve completed a sport.

In my case, Nier achieved the alternative. I used to be enthralled by its soundtrack earlier than I’d even performed the sport. I nonetheless vividly keep in mind the day a good friend really useful it to me and how captivated and intrigued I used to be from the very first pay attention. I knew all of the songs by coronary heart by the point I lastly dove into the sport and I’ll endlessly keep in mind the distinctive expertise of discovering the place every of those ethereal songs belonged within the Nier universe. The soundtrack slowly unravelled earlier than me, discovering its rightful place inside the delicate story, landscapes and characters of Nier, like items of a puzzle lastly coming collectively to disclose the larger image. A musical treasure hunt.

I’m removed from the one one endlessly marked by that evocative rating. Nier’s soundtrack, composed by Keiichi Okabe and sung by Emi Evans, was extremely nicely acquired and collectively praised.

Perhaps one in every of its most unusual particulars was the made-up lyrics Emi created, suitably named “Chaos Language”, invented to sound as if our trendy languages had drifted away for hundreds of years to lastly grow to be indistinguishable to us. “The reason we went for this mysterious made-up language is because we felt that as game music, having lyrics which you can recognize and understand might distract you from the gameplay,” defined Yoko Taro, the sport’s director, once I met him in 2017 forward of the launch of Nier’s sequel, Nier:Automata. “We wanted something that could truly serve as background music. If you don’t know what these mysterious words mean, you can’t get side-tracked.”

For Emi, this was the chance to strive one thing fully new. “I have always been fascinated by languages, so this was a very interesting task for me and I welcomed the new challenge.” she wrote in reply to a couple questions I had the chance to ship her over e-mail. With the newly upgraded model of Nier Replicant, due out early subsequent 12 months on PS4, it was the proper time to revisit that soundtrack and her work as singer and lyricist on this distinctive undertaking. “As it was my first time to create a made-up language, I had no set system in place. So for my first try, I simply mashed collectively sounds from all of the languages I had ever skilled. The consequence was the lyrics for ‘Song of the Ancients’.

“I was shown a short clip of Devola and Popola and was told that this was to be their theme. This was the very first piece I recorded for Nier and my first attempt at creating a made-up language. There’s German, Hungarian, Welsh, Japanese, French, and Latin, as well as some extra sounds I thought up myself!”

Song of the Ancients – Devola

“I used to be happy with what I had written, however rapidly realised that merely mashing up random sounds would give related sounding outcomes each time. In order to provide totally different sounding lyrics and character for every tune, I would wish to give you a brand new methodology.

“I shared my concerns and I believe that it was Okabe-san who came up with the wonderful idea to base each song on a real existing language, imagining what it might sound like thousands of years into the future.”

‘Song of the Ancients’ excluded, the remainder of the Nier Gestalt/Replicant soundtrack can be impressed by single present languages, bringing a novel really feel and aptitude to every observe. Emi began engaged on the lyrics for each tune she sung on the soundtrack, completely researching every language.

“To start with, if I haven’t already been instructed, I resolve on a language. Usually I take heed to the music and then, having grasped the tune’s environment, I analysis to discover a language which I believe would make match. For occasion, for one tune I would really feel {that a} light, flowing sounding language can be appropriate, for one more tune perhaps I’ll wish to use a language which sounds harsher with numerous guttural sounds and onerous consonants. On event, I’ll mix two languages collectively, however often it’s simply the one. Once the language is set upon, I then go on YouTube and immerse myself in pronunciation classes and performances on this language, making an attempt to establish and imitate the actual sounds which appear to be attribute.  

“I write out what I can hear and acquire perhaps a web page filled with the sounds which my ears have picked out. Then I piece all the things collectively at random, barely altering sounds and altering letters right here and there, in order that all the things suits the melody in a method that I discover most phonetically pleasing. Then I sing them, over and over, tweaking and adjusting till they really feel actually snug and pure popping out of my mouth. Then I’m going again to YouTube and double examine my pronunciation!

“As I am not a native speaker of these languages, it is hard for me to imagine how they might sound to a native ear, but from the comments I see online, people do seem to recognize many of my pseudo languages, so I must be doing something right!”

Fascinated by the method, I requested Emi to explain her inspirations for a number of chosen tracks from the unique soundtrack that I believe are an astounding show of her voice and linguistic work:


“Okabe-san asked me to base ‘Grandma’ on French. He told me that this song would play when fighting a super strong boss who would weaken you by making you recall your most painful memories. So, as I sang, I just mournfully opened up the back of my throat and softly wailed out the beautiful high notes. Hearing the playback of my vocals on ‘Grandma’ for the first time was one of my most memorable studio moments for Nier Replicant. I had only just received the track the day before and, as it was still unfamiliar to me, I couldn’t imagine how it would turn out. Yet, in a very short space of time, the song somehow transformed itself into a gorgeous, woeful piece which was giving me goosebumps!”

The Wretched Automatons

“‘The Wretched Automatons’ was fun and the easiest of all, as I was asked to base it on my own native language, English. I just strung together all my favourite sounding words then tweaked them to make sure they had no meaning and then tried to pronounce them in a “cool” method. I used to be advised that this might be used on a big metallic scrap heap the place robots would assault you, however the association [at the time] was quite simple, with not one of the percussive sounds. I had the most important shock when the OST got here out and I couldn’t consider how a lot this tune had remodeled!”


“‘Kainé’ I was asked to base on Gaelic. I really enjoyed researching this language and found that something about the vowel and “r” sounds gave it an air of gorgeous angle. So later once I was advised that Kainé’s character was relatively unrefined, but beautiful, I assumed the lyrics have been an ideal match. ‘Kainé’ is the tune which appears to make followers cry essentially the most, particularly once I carry out it stay, however for me, this may all the time be an uplifting tune filled with tenderness and energy.”

Regardless of the unique language that impressed every tune, Emi’s invented lyrics helped the complete soundtrack really feel all of the more ethereal. “For Nier, certainly “Chaos Language” labored extraordinarily nicely to convey a way of disappointment, despair, peace and thriller, however for different initiatives I’ve discovered that it really works equally nicely for hopeful, uplifting songs – even songs that are candy and joyful.”

“What I have learnt about using invented languages is that, as they have no meaning, they completely allow the listener’s imagination to make its own emotional interpretation of the song. I feel that the potential to evoke deep and personal emotions is far greater than using lyrics with actual meaning. Singing in “Chaos Language” permits me to precise myself so truthfully simply utilizing the tone of my voice, with out feeling that phrases are limiting me or getting in the best way. So perhaps the catharsis which I really feel as I sing additionally communicates to the listener in a novel and optimistic method.”

“While recording each song for Nier Replicant and singing in “Chaos language” for the primary time, I keep in mind feeling so excited and fascinated to listen to every tune blossom within the studio. On paper, my lyrics have been only a collection of meaningless sounds strung collectively, but as soon as I began singing them and layering up the tracks, these lyrics immediately sprang to life and took on a which means and persona, all of their very own. Hearing every set of lyrics remodel like this, virtually past my management, was such a thrill for me.”

Nier Replicant ver.1.22474487139…, the remake of the unique, will launch in April 2021 with newly recorded variations of the songs from the unique soundtrack. When I requested Emi how she felt getting again on this undertaking a decade later, she wrote:

“When I first recorded, it was with a lot uncertainty as I didn’t know the way my made-up lyrics and even my voice can be acquired by the gamers. Also, tight deadlines meant that generally I wouldn’t hear the tracks till the day earlier than the scheduled recording, so I must familiarize myself with them and write lyrics in a single day. I keep in mind being actually sleepy quite a lot of the time within the studio and worrying if what I’d give you can be adequate.

“So, to have been able to re-record all these songs, which have grown so dear to me, with full confidence thanks to the love which the fans have shown over the years, has been such a dream come true. I don’t think my voice has changed that much in these last ten years, nor the way in which I performed, but this time I felt such gratitude and love as I recorded each song. I hope this will bring an extra depth to the music which the fans can feel too!”

Want to know more about Emi’s profession and inventive course of in addition to her work on Nier Gestalt/Replicant, Nier:Automata and the upcoming Nier Replicant ver.1.22474487139…? Listen to the interview on the Official PlayStation podcast.

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