Nicky Lazou and Lydia Millen’s drama from 2020 has resurfaced, albeit not directly, as soon as extra. Read on to discover out what occurred and every part the 2 have mentioned.

Hairdresser Nicky Lazou is well-liked within the on-line magnificence neighborhood, with 75,000 Instagram followers and 24,000 subscribers. She recurrently acts as hairstylist to recognized influencers, together with Lydia Millen.

Although the pair appeared to have a superb working relationship, each have confirmed that’s not the case.

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Lydia Millen’s YouTube video

Yesterday, February 8th, Lydia uploaded a video to her channel titled: “Opening up, the last nine months.”

In the video, she up to date followers on a number of adjustments in her life in latest months, together with the passing of her grandfather and her disappointment within the launch of her tan firm. “I kind of want to wipe the slate clean,” she mentioned.

She prefaces the drama by claiming that the “first blow” of latest months was the launch of her firm Glo, which obtained unhealthy critiques: “I was in such a state of shock and heartbroken because I’d poured my heart into something.”

However, she ultimately addressed the drama with Nicky Lazou, and gave her view on the state of affairs:

“Then I was put into a position that I didn’t know was a vulnerable position, and I ended up in a person’s house alone and I quickly realised that I was vulnerable in that position. I let the person know that I wasn’t in a good place, and that I was quite delicate and unfortunately my client confidentiality was breached and I was gaslit into believing that something took place that didn’t and that this person had something that they could hold over me to stop me from talking about what happened.”

So, what’s the drama?

The authentic drama started in summer season of 2020, after Lydia was reportedly sad together with her hair, and advised her YouTube channel.

Lydia nonetheless confronted allegations of impolite behaviour through the hair appointment, and allegations of creating Nicky cry.

Although Nicky was comparatively quiet concerning the state of affairs, she responded to a remark that requested: “Are you allowed to share what happened? I’ve seen a lot on her YouTube about not being happy with her hair which I assumed was done by you?”

“All I will say is we are happy that we never have to see her again,” she replied.

As talked about, Lydia nonetheless has denied this in her YouTube video.

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Nicky Lazou responded to Lydia’s YouTube video

Nicky took to Instagram to reply to Lydia’s newest YouTube video, posting a press release to her story:

“Thank you for all the DM’s on the recent YouTube video. I am so grateful for all the support and I finally feel ready to open up. I will be filming my video about this past year and my experiences. I feel like we have a platform to inspire and help others. I don’t think it’s fair to have to be silenced. Just because some of us come across as strong it does not mean that we have no issues or that we don’t take things to hear, it does not mean that we don’t cry or feel like giving up at times. I’m not one to ask for sympathy as I just get on with life and look at the positives but it does not mean that this way of thinking comes easy to me! It’s a battle but I have people to supports and pay wages so I carry on as if life is magical which I still believe it is but we have to face our fears and move on with it. I’ve been asked to stay quiet and professional but I feel I am a professional no matter what and it’s time to show these people that we are not afraid.”

She adopted the assertion up with screenshots of messages of help from mates and followers.

Today, Nicky Lazou uploaded her facet of the story in video type to her Instagram. Nicky reiterates and goes into additional element about her claims of Lydia’s alleged behaviour through the appointment.

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