Gardening is likely one of the most worthwhile practices in Divinity: Original Sin II, as a result of it isn’t a part of the primary story it isn’t the best to begin.

One of the very best methods to earn money in Divinity: Original Sin II is gardening, however how precisely is it executed? Gardening can produce a number of substances for crafts within the sport equivalent to potions, arrows, and scrolls.

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Gardening just isn’t a central a part of the Sourcerer’s story and thus takes some lively exploration to find. This space the place the character can be taught to backyard is in a reasonably early a part of the sport. The Sourcerer can entry it after they crash on the seaside.

Where To Learn How To Garden in Divinity Original Sin 2

After waking on the seaside with the crashed ship, head to the speedy left in direction of the traditional statue of Braccus Rex to realize a journey waypoint close to the backyard space. Then head north from the seaside and comply with the left-most path as much as the rock, then go in direction of the statues to the northeast. Hug the left facet of the wooden till discovering the doorway to the Hidden Alcove.

Climb up the vines on the northwest wall of the alcove. Up right here there can be an encampment the place the Sourcerer can communicate with a person known as the Elf Herbalist. After which the character can learn a guide that’s sitting close by titled, “W. Herbert’s Guide To Joyful Gardening.” The character can then take the vegetation that the Elf Herbalist has planted round them.

The Sourcerer after this level may gather any plant throughout their travels. As lengthy because the Sourcerer has a chunk of the plant and a bucket, they’ll craft them collectively to create a seedling of that plant.

Plants The Sourcerer Can Collect & Grow

  • Amadouvier
  • Boletus
  • Drudanae
  • Farhangite
  • Puffball

More choices of vegetation could also be doable sooner or later as extra gamers check out the gardening function. Some mods add the power to make fertilizers, develop bushes, blood roses, and black roses. Once the Sourcerer has collected a few seedlings, place them wherever to create a backyard.

These vegetation can turn out to be totally grown inside 5 seconds after inserting them. Every time the character harvests the plant after it is totally grown, it can give the participant a number of items of the plant and depart behind a clay-filled bucket. This clay-filled bucket can be utilized to craft extra seedlings afterward.

To mass-produce the Sourcerer’s gardening, the participant can plant a number of seedlings without delay inside barrels. Barrels will be purchased, grabbed or stolen all through Rivellon. Once the Sourcerer has collected or discovered a barrel, merely place the seedlings within the Sourcerer’s hand after which into the barrel. Afterward, assault the barrel to launch all of the seedlings without delay.

Once the Sourcerer begins gardening, it can get simpler every time afterward. Due to the abundance of provides practically all over the place in Rivellon, as soon as the participant has discovered a quiet and pretty peaceable spot to backyard, this could be a tedious however fruitful enterprise.

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Divinity: Original Sin II is accessible on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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