How to Find the Monster Hunter World (MHW) Warped Bone and How to Use It
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Within the Monster Hunter World (MHW) universe, there are a lot of totally different objects to acquire that assist you progress by the sport, whether or not that be consumables good for avoiding demise in a monster battle or crafting supplies to enhance and degree up your armour and weapons.

One of those supplies is warped bone. The MHW warped bone is a uncommon materials wanted to degree up your numerous gear and armour items, essential for finishing the sport and preventing Monster Hunter World’s closing bosses.

What is the MHW Warped Bone?

The warped bone is a cloth used to assist enhance numerous armour and weapons items. It is a difficult merchandise to discover with the merchandise solely situated in a single particular space inside the sport and randomly generated, that means it’s all down to luck as to whether or not it drops.

Thus, the chance of getting a warped bone is low, that means this merchandise is a irritating merchandise to discover for a lot of gamers. The merchandise is one in every of the rarest bone supplies you may get in Monster Hunter World.

Monster Hunter World Warped Bone location

You can discover the MHW warped bone in a single particular space, the Rotten Vale. The Rotten Vale could be unlocked round halfway by Monster Hunter World’s foremost story and comprises many monsters equivalent to Odogaron.

It is an space full of monster corpses, a decomposing wasteland that may be a graveyard for monsters. To entry this space, you want to have accomplished the foremost story quest Radobaan Roadblock. After finishing this quest, you must have full entry to the Rotten Vale.

You can entry the Rotten Vale by both a quest mission or an expedition, with the latter being the most suggested possibility as a way to have sufficient time to discover the warped Bone. The Rotten Vale is cut up into a number of smaller sections; the warped bone could be present in any one in every of these areas and is generated randomly.

How to discover the merchandise in the Rotten Vale

The merchandise is situated in bone piles all through these areas. Bone piles are comparatively widespread all through the Rotten Vale. However, the possibilities of getting a warped bone from these bone piles usually are not. It is all down to luck as to whether or not an MHW warped bone drops.

Nevertheless, whenever you see a bone pile, ensure that to harvest its supplies and hopefully, you get fortunate. Although even rarer, it’s potential to get a warped bone from defeating sure monsters and gathering their supplies. Slaying Raphinos and Rabobann offers you the likelihood of buying the merchandise.

Defeating Raphinos grants you an 8% likelihood of receiving the bone, whereas killing a Rabobann offers you a 31% likelihood of the merchandise dropping however the possibilities of a drop fluctuate relying on the rating of the quest.

You may also acquire the merchandise by a number of totally different Rotten Vale missions as base rewards. Such assignments embrace low-rank missions equivalent to A Rotten Thing To Do to grasp rank missions like The Lord of the Underworld Beckons.

The chance of the merchandise dropping varies relying on the mission’s rank, with a 12-16% likelihood of a Monster Hunter World warped bone dropping. You can discover a listing of quests that reward the merchandise right here.

I'm a contract author, podcaster and streamer. You can try my work on my web site

How can MHW Warped Bones be used?

The Monster Hunter World warped bone is primarily used to improve your gear and weapons. In phrases of weapons, the warped bone is required to forge most Dragon Bone weapon set’s low-rank weapons.

The merchandise may also be used to improve a number of high-level armaments, equivalent to upgrading the Pulsa Shotel 11 into the Pulsa Shotel 111 lengthy sword.

Likewise, the Warped bone could make high-level armour, equivalent to the Odogaron Alpha set and the bone alpha set.

Finally, the warped bone can create a spread of charms wanted to give your character a buff throughout intense boss battles. Such charms embrace the grasp’s attraction and the blaze attraction. An entire listing of charms, armour items and weapons that require the MHW warped bone could be discovered right here.

Final Thoughts

Conclusively, that is one in every of the rarest objects in the sport. If you’re fortunate sufficient to get your palms on some, they are often invaluable in developing the greatest charms, weapons and armour in MHW.

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