This is a fish I’ve needed to catch my total life! The Cubera Snapper is the biggest snapper species on this planet. Every 12 months across the full moon in August and September Giant Cubera snapper spawn offshore on wrecks. This makes it simpler to find these usually solitary and nomadic fish. Cubera Snapper have such massive enamel and highly effective jaws that they’re able to feed on stay spiny lobster, which is what we use as bait. Live lobster are the most effective bait to make use of when concentrating on cubera snapper, as that is certainly one of their primary staples of their weight loss program! Big Cubera Snapper typically get a nasty identify with regards to desk fare, as they’re thought to include Ciguatera which might trigger poisoning. This is extra seen in different components of the Caribbean and the Bahamas and barely in Florida.

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