Confession time: I’ve solely ever had my eyebrows professionally threaded, waxed or tweezed since I began meddling with the thick, black ‘caterpillars’ above my eyes on the age of 15. (High upkeep,  me?)

Back then, it was £2 for a fast forehead tidy that will solely take round 10 minutes, nevertheless it introduced extra form and definition to my face than any eyeliner or mascara I attempted.  I used to be hooked – and for the previous six or seven years I’ve been going to forehead whisperer Daxita Vaghela on the Atherton Cox salon in London. Daxita can hunt out an arch from nowhere, eradicating only a few hairs at a time to keep up a pure form, nevertheless it’s so nicely completed I reckon it rivals Botox in how ‘awake’ it makes me seem.

And then lockdown got here, and I used to be left to fend for myself. So as a substitute of selecting up the tweezers like all sane particular person, I taught myself to string my very own brows. Threading is, in any case, an historical Indian methodology of hair removing and being of Indian heritage, I naively thought I might have a knack for it.  I spun the thread in between my thumb and index finger, as a YouTube tutorial suggested.

To start with, I eliminated hair from my thigh, to get the method proper. Catch the hair swiftly sufficient, on the appropriate angle, and it pulls it from the roots with out an excessive amount of discomfort.  I then progressed to my brows, solely eradicating just a few hairs at a time. It left a clear end and it’s straightforward to keep up a handsome arch. Of course, I can’t wait to get my brows again to the nurturing care of my professional forehead threader, however I’m thrilled I’ve learnt a brand new talent in lockdown. And I now know I received’t bodily combust if I don’t have them professionally maintained. 

Sonia’s prime tip: To discover how a lot  thread to make use of, measure an arm’s size, lower and tie it into  a loop.