Many of the characters inside Stephen King’s literary universe make appearances in a number of books. The legendary creator of horror, supernatural, sci-fi, suspense, fantasy, and crime tales has reportedly bought greater than 350 million copies of his books through the years. King has revealed a complete of 61 novels to date all through his profession — seven of them below the pen identify Richard Bachman — along with 5 non-fiction books and 200 shorts tales revealed in collections. And, in fact, lots of his works have been tailored into function movies, tv reveals, restricted collection, and comedian books.

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King has written some well-known and notorious characters into existence through the years. Among his most beloved characters are Jack Torrance, concurrently the protagonist and antagonist of the 1977 novel The Shining; Annie Wilkes, the antagonist of the 1987 novel Misery; Pennywise the Dancing Clown, the shapeshifting villain from the 1986 novel IT; Carrie White, the titular protagonist of King’s first-ever novel in 1974; and Stu Redman, one of many plague-surviving protagonists of the 1978 novel The Stand.

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Many of King’s characters exist inside a shared actuality or universe. There’s a mainstream universe through which most of King’s tales happen, and it consists of fictional places like Jerusalem’s Lot, Castle Rock, Derry, and Haven — all in Maine. But this universe exists inside a bigger multiverse that King has developed through the years; the size inside it embody the All-World, Keystone Earth, The Territories, Boo’ya Moon, Rose Madder, and The Null, amongst others. The books The Stand, Cell, and The Regulators seem to every have their very own planes of existence. Often instances, King has his characters present up throughout his multiverse in myriad totally different books.

Some Losers Club Members

Several characters of the 1986 novel IT present up in different King books. The Losers Club’s Beverly Marsh – performed by Sophia Lillis in 2017’s IT and Jessica Chastain within the 2019 sequel — is briefly glimpsed within the 2011 novel 11/22/63, when the story’s protagonist Jake Epping travels to the fictional city of Derry. He sees her as a child residing in Derry and attempting to maneuver on after the occasions of IT. Richie Tozier — one other member of the Losers Club who’s performed by Finn Wolfhard in IT and Bill Hader within the sequel — can be seen in 11/22/63; he and Beverly are collectively when Jake approaches them asking for data. Beverly and Richie sense that Jake is just like them, most likely as a result of they’ve all encountered supernatural exercise. Losers membership member Ben Hanscom can be briefly talked about in 11/22/63 and Insomnia, however would not really make an look.

Mike Hanlon, the one member of the Losers Club who stays in Derry as an grownup, additionally seems within the 1994 novel Insomnia. Insomnia is ready in Derry, and the protagonist Ralph Roberts encounters Mike, the top of the city’s public library, and asks him the right way to discover a ebook about sleep issues. Mike is performed by Chosen Jacob in IT and Isaiah Mustafa within the sequel.

Ralph Roberts

Insomnia’s protagonist, Ralph Roberts, additionally seems within the 1988 horror novel Bag of Bones. Mike Noonan, the protagonist of Bag of Bones, is performed by Pierce Brosnan within the 1998 tv miniseries adaptation. In the ebook, Mike meets Ralph, who speaks to him about his issues and says, If it’s insomnia, I can sympathize, believe me.”

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Pennywise The Dancing Clown

Pennywise the Dancing Clown, who’s technically not even his personal character, however merely a type of “IT,” a terrifying pressure of evil, is the long-lasting villain from the novel IT. King additionally wrote the notorious clown into the 1987 sci-fi novel The Tommyknockers, briefly. When a personality named Tommy Jacklin goes to Derry, he thinks he sees a clown with silver eyes holding balloons and gazing him from inside a sewer drain. In the novel 11/22/63, Pennywise would not technically seem, however the time-traveling character Jake Epping feels the evil presence of “IT” when he is in Derry, and even hears its voice inside his head.

On the same be aware, many Stephen King followers theorize that Pennywise is definitely the identical creature because the Crimson King, a villain in The Dark Tower collection and the novel Insomnia. The idea is that the 2 characters are the identical being — an evil pressure attempting to destroy actuality — that simply shapeshifts into totally different types.

Randall Flagg

The Stand Randall Flagg Beckons

Randall Flagg is likely one of the most generally recognized antagonists of Stephen King’s multiverse. He initially seems, famously, within the novel The Stand. He’s a mysterious man who goes by quite a lot of totally different names and has myriad appearances. He has magical powers and is, at his core, evil. In the 1994 miniseries adaptation of the ebook, Flagg was portrayed by Jamey Sheridan, and within the ongoing miniseries adaptation, Alexander Skarsgård is taking part in the function of the villain. The 2017 film adaptation has Matthew McConaughey within the function.

Flagg reveals up within the 1986 novel The Eyes of the Dragon as the primary antagonist, in addition to all through The Dark Tower books. Flagg and makes quite a few cameos in different King tales. Sometimes, in these cameos, he has totally different names, however they normally have “R.F.” initials. For occasion, Flagg takes on the persona Richard Farris within the 2017 novella Gwendy’s Button Box, which King co-wrote with Richard Chizmar.

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Dick Hallorann

Dick Hallorann in The Shining

Dick Hallorann, the top chef on the Overlook Hotel, the setting of The Shining, has grow to be a beloved character through the years. He has “the shine,” a psychic means, and teaches Danny Torrance the right way to use the flexibility, which he additionally possesses. Notably, Hallorann survives King’s story — however was killed in Stanley Kubrick’s 1980 film adaptation. In the film, actor Scatman Crothers performed Dick.

Hallorann seems within the sequel to The Shining, the 2013 novel Doctor Sleep. But earlier than that, he had an look ITwhich takes place earlier than the occasions of The Shining. He was a military prepare dinner and a daily at a nightclub in Derry; within the story, he makes use of his “shine” to avoid wasting peoples’ lives inside when racists attempt to burn the membership down. Among the lives he saves is Mike Hanlon’s father, Will.

Father Callahan

King’s character Father Callahan initially seems within the 1975 horror novel Salem’s Lot. He’s a priest who struggles with alcoholism — and likewise fights vampires. In the film adaptation of the ebook, Callahan is performed by James Cromwell. Callahan additionally seems in King’s The Dark Tower collection. He reveals up within the fifth quantity to affix the primary group of protagonists. When he reveals up, readers are given a full description of what he is been by means of since they first obtained to know him in Salem’s Lot.

Cynthia Smith

The character Cynthia Smith initially reveals up in King’s 1995 novel Rose Madder. Cynthia is a aspect character on this ebook: a good friend of the primary character, Rose. Nevertheless, Cynthia seems within the 1996 novel Desperation with a much bigger function. And in The Regulators, the 1996 novel that’s the companion or “mirror” novel to Desperation, she reveals up once more. In the 2006 tv adaptation of Rose Madder, Cynthia is performed by actress Kelly Overton.

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Ted Brautigan

Ted Brautigan initially seems in Low Men in Yellow Coats, a novella within the 1999 assortment Hearts in Atlantis. Ted is a psychic being pursued by creatures referred to as the “Low Men.” Eventually, he additionally reveals up within the ultimate installment of The Dark Tower. And it seems that his reappearance clears up some confusion about what occurred to him in Hearts in Atlantis. In the film model of the story, Ted is performed by legendary actor Anthony Hopkins.

Clearly, Stephen King has woven his masterful multiverse into an intricate internet, with a number of characters showing outdoors of their unique tales in different ones — in roles each small and enormous. Fans can definitely anticipate the legendary horror and sci-fi creator to proceed his technique of paying homage to his personal previous works, in addition to hiding sensible cameos in his upcoming books.

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