The Ethereum price analysis 2020 has so far been lagging behind most of the other large cryptocurrencies. BTC, for instance, has been enjoying a lot of attention over the last few months, while the Ethereum price has been on a very sluggish rise. That appears to be changing, however, now that the Bitcoin halving has already taken place and the cryptocurrency market can return back to its normal state. Hence, investors are now beginning to focus back on the Ethereum analysis as well.

So far we have seen the Ethereum price analysis soar from $130 in the beginning of the year to $279 per coin by the end of February. Then after the coronavirus pandemic and its respective implications on the global economy reached its peak, the second largest cryptocurrency reached a low of $95.87 per coin. Currently, the Ethereum price target is just above the $240 mark.

In addition to the shifting focus of investors, there’s always some exciting bit of Ethereum news released every now and then that keeps drawing attention to the cryptocurrency. And we’re all in suspense ahead of the upcoming Ethereum 2.0 update, which is bound to affect the Ethereum price forecast. So with all this action around Ethereum, 2020 may just see ETH become the best performing cryptocurrency of them all.

Watch the full video for our take on the Ethereum price forecast 2020 and a deeper insight into what to expect from the cryptocurrency in the weeks ahead.

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