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On this video about Clickbank University 2.0, I will basically reveal to you what is on the back end,so that you can clearly decide without any confusion whether or not you should be investing your time and money in it.
Ok, so basically Clickbank University as a whole was actually designed to teach people how to become successful with Affiliate marketing. But that has been handled in version 1.0 . Now version 2.0 is centered on teach people how to become Product creators and owners (Vendors) on Clickbank.

And this has it’s pros and cons. Pros such that it is suitable if you are experienced in online marketing and you know what you are doing, and Cons if you are just starting out ,it’s almost impossible to start creating products to sell when you barely have any results concerning any strategy.
Don’t get me wrong, it’s a very good product but it depends on the level you have attained in Online Marketing.

So i hope you enjoy this review.
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