After years of abusing the Man-Bat serum, Kirk Langstrom’s luck has lastly run out.

WARNING: The following article comprises spoilers for Man-Bat #1 by Dave Wielgosz, Sumit Kumar, Romulo Fajardo Jr. and Tom Napolitano, on sale now.

Kirk Langstrom has all the time been hooked on the Man-Bat serum. Though he is constantly made the excuse that he might excellent it sooner or later and eventually turning the Man-Bat into a true pressure for good, plainly Langstrom is lastly operating out of time. During maybe his most harmful rampage ever, Man-Bat is captured by Batman. After operating some assessments, Batman confirmed that Kirk Langstrom is dying due to the Man-Bat serum and solely has a small period of time left.

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In Man-Bat #1, set earlier than Langstrom joined the Justice League Dark, Kirk had as soon as once more succumbed to his habit to the serum. This specific relapse was the worst but because it appeared to be the ultimate nail within the coffin together with his spouse Francine, who could not cease Kirk from utilizing the method. But her ire and departure served to solely gasoline Kirk’s delusion that his serum may benefit the world. Wishing to show that Man-Bat could possibly be a pressure for good, Kirk took flight and started looking for a crime to cease.

Man-Bat shortly found th Blackout Gang robbing a sonic cannon from an unknown supply. Man-Bat swooped in, actually scaring the criminals, however inadvertently triggered a highspeed chase by way of the streets of Gotham that put many civilians within the crossfire. Not even the arrival of Batman might stop the inevitable catastrophe that will observe. The Blackout Gang, determined to do away with the winged beast pursuing them, used the weapon in opposition to Man-Bat. The ensuing wrestle destabilized the weapon’s core and triggered a large sonic explosion, knocking Man-Bat out.

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When he subsequent wakened, he was in Batman’s custody. The Dark Knight defined that after operating assessments on Kirk he found that he had solely weeks left to dwell. But whereas Kirk would die, Man-Bat would dwell on. His years of publicity to the Man-Bat serum had mutated his mobile construction, Man-Bat would quickly take over Kirk’s physique fully and Kirk Langstrom’s humanity would fade away fully. Kirk refused to just accept that, nonetheless believing he might excellent the serum, however Batman knowledgeable Kirk that the explosion had injured over a hundred folks and left these closest to the detonation deaf.

This blow appeared to take the battle out of Kirk. He had initially developed the Man-Bat serum to revive folks’s listening to however his experiments resulted within the creation of a monster that has terrorized Gotham for years. Now, that exact same monster has folks with the situation Kirk himself was making an attempt to reverse. As the saying goes, the highway to Hell is paved with good intentions. Kirk Langstrom began out as a promising scientist with a vivid future, each professionally and personally. Now, his obsession and habit have price him his household, his morality, and shortly sufficient, his life. But maybe he nonetheless has time to do one final good factor earlier than he’s taken over by the monster he birthed.

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