Artists: Alex Bag, Jason Yates

Venue: von ammon co, Washington DC

Exhibition Title: I’m Sorry You All Ended up Here

Date: August 26 – September 26, 2020

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Artists: Alex Bag, Jason Yates

Artists: Alex Bag, Jason Yates

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Alex Bag, Untitled (I’m Sorry You All Ended up Here) 8/20, 2020 digital video 17:00 loop (excerpt)

Alex Bag, Untitled (I’m Sorry You All Ended up Here) 8/20, 2020 digital video 17:00 loop (excerpt)

Alex Bag, Untitled, 2020, digital video 41:38 loop (excerpt)

Images courtesy of von ammon co, Washington DC

Press Release:

I all the time really feel stunned once I be taught that somebody is scared of dolls. It might simply be that I personally am so keen on them, nevertheless it appears type of foolish to think about {that a} Madame Alexander ice skater might ever strike the chords of terror with any accuracy. The technical time period for this explicit nervousness is pediophobia, which stems etymologically from the Greek paidion and interprets actually to the phrase “dread of little children.” It is perhaps useful to consider dolls as little little kids, further small imitations of life that simulate the overall contours of the human physique, however can’t assist however reveal the unconventional totality of their vacancy (ie: deadness). It is that this mortal void, I suppose, that imbues the little little little one with the ability to spook, and maybe the pediophobe’s concern stems not from scaled down limbs or the unheimlich blush of a porcelain cheek, however reasonably from a suspicion that the static determine is afforded a lifetime of alternatives to consolidate its resentment.

People are afraid of clown dolls, they’re afraid of whispering Raggedy Anns and Andys, they recoil from the pouting silicone toddlers who stare dully into the center distance with homicide on their minds. Though a wild-eyed Annabelle or the clickety-clacking jaw of an unmanned dummy would possibly strike concern within the coronary heart of the pediophobe, they pale compared to what I’ll recommend with nice confidence is the scariest doll story within the historical past of America. This story involves us not from a horror film or the vintage notebooks of a doubtful paranormal investigator, however reasonably courtesy of a middle-aged x-ray technician who had a style for arts and crafts and a profound misunderstanding of the phrase “deceased.”

It was in a Key West medical clinic within the spring of 1930 that radiologist Carl Tanzler first encountered Maria “Elena” Milagro de Hoyos, a gorgeous however gravely in poor health younger Cuban lady who had misplaced most of her speedy household to a very virulent pressure of tuberculosis. Convinced that she was the bodily manifestation of a imaginative and prescient he’d as soon as had of his soul-mate, Tanzler instantly devoted himself to curing her with an aggressive course of x-ray therapies. Elena’s dying in 1931 got here as a horrible shock to Tanzler, who all of the sudden discovered himself exiled from this unrequited fantasy, forged out of his imaginary Eden by the swinging scythe of the reaper.

Though Elena’s household seemingly discovered the depth of Tanzler’s grief inappropriate, they agreed to permit him to pay for her funeral and accepted when he supplied to construct a mausoleum in order that there is likely to be a everlasting website at which to recollect her quick life. While the cautious observer could have seen that Carl incessantly visited Elena’s grave, it took almost a decade for anybody to appreciate that he had truly emptied it. In 1933, Tanzler staged a late-night disinterment. He used a small wagon to move the physique to his home, the place he set himself to reconstructing what was left of Elena in order that the physique would possibly extra carefully resemble the individual it had as soon as been. Tanzler painstakingly reconnected disarticulated bones with piano wire, he stuffed her chest cavity with perfumed rags, he set a pair of glass eyes into pores and skin product of plaster and waxed silk. Once glad together with his handiwork, Tanzler lived fairly fortunately with this weird approximation of life for almost a decade, sleeping and dancing with the physique till his indiscretions ultimately resulted in his arrest.

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