TikTok star and 100 Thieves member ‘Neekolul’ sat down for an interview with the org’s intern, ‘JhbTeam,’ leading to one of the crucial hilariously awkward items of web content material we’ve seen but.

Neekolul skyrocketed to fame earlier this yr after her “Okay Boomer” TikTok took off throughout social media, turning into a viral sensation virtually in a single day.

Since then, Neekolul — actual title Nicole — has solidified herself among the many elite of the web’s content material creators, and has signed with none aside from esports large 100 Thieves in one more big transfer.

The group has since began a brand new interview collection with its intern, JhbWorkforce, whose distinctive type resulted in a downright hilarious dialog between himself and Neekolul for its pilot episode.

The first video within the collection, titled “TBH with JHB,” tasked Neekolul with answering a collection of awkward questions, similar to: “How does it feel to have this much of a following on a platform?”

Neekolul’s forthcoming reply was one thing that nobody anticipated: “It’s cool. You know, you can say almost anything and someone’s gonna like your tweet. You could say like, ‘I like to eat s**t,’ and people are like, ‘Yeah!’”

However, Neeko didn’t have a solution for “Why do you have a boyfriend?” leaving Jhb giving her an humorously intense staredown as she scrambled to handle the random query.

That being stated, Neeko was completely down to show the tables and ask Jhb a number of questions, certainly one of which included: “If you could have any superpower, what would it be?”

It appears that Jhb’s response of, “Flying, so I could come see you,” didn’t go over so effectively, with the star giving an comprehensible “WTF” take a look at his reply — which senior producer ‘rufhaus’s’ modifying expertise made into a very humorous second.

Amid the following hijinks with Jhb, Neeko did admit that her rise to web stardom wasn’t a chunk of cake, with many criticizing her for reaching fame so rapidly and doubting her talents (though that was about the one critical second all through your entire interview).

While followers most likely didn’t be taught something completely new about Neeko on this video (apart from her favourite main shade, which is blue — which isn’t even a main shade), it’s positively price a watch for viewers seeking to have fun as they watch their favourite influencer scramble for solutions within the face of a gut-bustingly awkward interview session.

Who can we count on to see on TBH with JHB sooner or later?

Although Neekolul was simply the primary visitor on 100 Thieves’ new present, Jhb did let followers in on what different friends could possibly be making an look in his famously awkward collection in a while.

“Basically, people that are close in the gaming scene/community and are recognizable to fans,” Jhb revealed. “I want to make sure the guests know who I am in a sense of not making them uncomfortable, and that they know how awkward I am.”

JHB as seen during a YouTube video.
YouTube: JhbWorkforce

Jhb is 100 Thieves’ intern, who boasts a profitable YouTube channel and Twitch stream the place he collaborates with different large names within the gaming area.

That’s not all; he even dropped a number of potential names, most notably CallMeCarson, Jordan Fisher, Hitchariide and even 100 Thieves founder, Matthew ‘Nadeshot’ Haag.

“We honestly have no idea who to have on next,” he added. “I definitely want to have Nadeshot on the show, as I see it as one of the most iconic ones that we’ll make, but as of right now, we have no idea. I mainly want to have 100 Thieves creators on, but in the meantime, no idea.”

Who is aware of who will likely be featured on the present subsequent? Not even Jhb himself is bound; however that simply implies that the probabilities are countless.