Carlisle Cullenfrom Twilight was the chillest popular culture dad (actually and figuratively) and hes simply top-of-the-line vampirefathers in historical past. Carlisle is an especially attention-grabbing character as he’s a health care provider, a researcher, a scholar, and has spent many years making an attempt to assist vampires adapt higher. Many die-hard Twilight followers suppose Carlisle is much more intriguing than the principle man of the sequence, Edward.

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But there are various issues about Carlisle which can be by no means explored within the movies. In the books, hes a patriarch of a coven and a real chief, who can take cost of a tough state of affairs, however within the movies, hes merely depicted as a not-so-interesting secondary character. Film followers will not know the very best particulars of this character.

10 Carlisle Was A Vampire Hunter As A Human

Carlisle lived by way of a time of immense political upheaval and his father was a part of a devoted group of pastors who hunted monsters like werewolves, vampires, and so on. who had been a part of Londons underbelly, however this group additionally had a popularity for killing civilians underneath unfair suspicions.

As his father acquired older, the idealist Carlisle took over the raids and have become a monster hunter. Though he wasnt solely comfy with killing, he was sensible about discovering actual covens of vampires and spared harmless folks.

9 He Tried To Kill Himself Right After He Turned

Carlisle was bitten by a vampire after one explicit searching raid and was left bleeding out within the streets; he hid in a potato cellar to undergo together with his transformation for 3 entire days. Post his transition he was horrified by what he had turn out to be and needed to take his personal life as a result of he knew vampires as killers and knew what his father would do if he discovered about Carlisles destiny.

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He tried to finish his personal life in a number of methods. He jumped off cliffs, tried drowning and ravenous himself however nothing labored. He refused to feed on people and finally realized to stay off animal blood.

8 He Lived With The Volturi For Twenty Years

Twilight Volturi vampires

Even some die-hard Twilight fanatics could not know this however Carlisle was with the Volturi for twenty years! Most folks suppose he had solely briefly joined the vampire royalty however he was really fairly drawn to their refinement since many of the vampires he had encountered had been savages.

He got here throughout the Volturi when he was finding out in Italy and joined Aro, Marcus, and Caius, though he didn’t approve of their lust for human blood. The Volturi on their half tried very onerous to transform Carlisle into ahuman blood drinker however failed. Carlisle finally moved out on his personal to turn out to be a health care provider.

7 He First Met Esme When She Was A Teenager

Fans who’ve solely seen the movies suppose that Carlisle met Esme when he handled her after she tried to take her personal life, however thats not true. The purpose he might save Esmes life was that he had met her as soon as earlier than. When Carlisle labored as a health care provider in Columbus within the early 1900s, he was assigned to deal with a teen named Esme Anne Platt, who had damaged her leg falling out of a tree.

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Though they felt a robust mutual attraction in the direction of one another, their encounter was temporary. Almost a decade later after Carlisle and Edward had moved to Ashland, Wisconsin, Carlisle smelled the blood of somebody acquainted coming from his hospitals morgue, who wasnt fully useless and her feeble heartbeat was audible. That girl turned out to be Esme.

6 He Researched Vampiric Patterns

Carlisle was a scholar and devoted his undead life to carve out a greater, extra respectable dwelling for vampires. He was very inquisitive about vampires as a species, and really tried to discover some adjustments within the primary dwelling habits of vampires; his greatest and most humane try can be the utilization of animal blood to feed on which retains them from hurting people.

The greatest instance of his scientific curiosity was how he dealt with Bellas being pregnant; this was one thing Carlisle had by no means skilled, and as he was a health care provider and researcher his coven appeared to him for solutions about her state of affairs. Though Carlisle was fairly shocked by all the things, he made some fairly correct predictions which really ready the household for what was to return.

5 Carlisle And Jacob Develop A Bond

Jacob Shirtless In Twilight

This was by no means explored within the movies however Carlisle and Jacon really develop an attention-grabbing bond and kinship over time, particularly as a result of Carlisle was very inquisitive about understanding werewolves and their anatomy.

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I discover your species fascinating. I suppose that the weather of vampiric nature have come to appear commonplace to me over centuries. Your household’s divergence from humanity is far more attention-grabbing. Magical, nearly, he tells Jacob. Though Jacob doesnt heat as much as the Cullens initially, he begins respecting Carlisle after he tends to his woundsafter their warfare with Volturi.

4 Carlisle Was Anxious About The Lonely Edward

Rosalie Carlisle Edward Twilight

Carlisle had been alone for many years and was used to being on his personal, however he felt a way of regret over turning Edward since he didnt ask forthat life. Carlisle turned Edward right into a vampire as a result of his mom begged him to do something in his energy to save lots of her son.

Perhaps this wasnt what she would have needed however nonetheless, Carlisle didnt need a promising life like Edwards to finish. Edward, in fact, turns into Carlisles companion however Carlisle begins to develop fairly anxious in regards to the lonely Edward and looked for years for somebody who might be a vampire companion to him.

3 Carlisle And Esme Had Been Together For 80 Years When Twilight Began

Carlisle and Esme’s love story is fairly iconic and the way in which Edward talks about his dad and mom makes it apparent that he’s in awe of their relationship. More than eighty years had handed since Carlisle had discovered Esme, and but he nonetheless checked out her with these incredulous eyes of old flame. It would all the time be that means for them, he informed Bella.

The movie doesnt precisely set up a timeline as to how lengthy every memberhas identified one another, which might have undoubtedly helped the script.

2 He Originally Had An English Accent

Carlisle Twilight Cullen Family

Peter Facinelli didnt need Carlisle to have an English accent as a result of he believed that Carlisle would have tailored to the American way of life and would really decide up an American accent after spending so a few years within the nation. But Carlisle initially had an English accent within the books as a result of he was born and raised in London and had spent a bit of his youth there.

I by no means considered doing that as a result of he’s English, however a very long time in the past, over 300 years in the past. I believed he would have tailored to his environment. I wound up doing a extra commonplace American accent, the actor stated in an interview.

1 He Was Just 23 When He Was Turned


Carlisle Bella and Edward Twilight

In the movies, Carlisle is in his mid-thirties. Hes strikingly good-looking, blonde, and tall. It was tough to understand him as a dad or mum to youngsters, however then, in fact, they pretended the Cullen youngsters had been adopted.

In the novel, Carlisle was 23 years outdated when he was turned, which implies he was solely six years older than Edward in human years. In the movies, the producers maybe forged an older Carlisle as a result of it could be handy for the narrative and wouldnt require an excessive amount of rationalization.

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